Saturday, 7 December 2013

Blog Update #3

Hi everyone

It's been a while since I last done one of these, so I decided to write up another update onto what will be happening and what has been going on.

Firstly, the main event that happened in the time between this blog update and the previous one; Next Gen Consoles! They have sold very well, which was expected given the hype surrounding them. Personally, I'm quite surprised at the lack of people holding back for either:
A. Better titles
B. Seeing what will become of Valve's Steam Machines

Speaking of Valves Steam Machines, a prototype was revealed by iBuyPower. The Verge reports that it will have an AMD R9 270 graphics card, an unspecified AMD multi-core CPU, and will retail for $499 bundled with a steam controller.

Roughly comparing it to the next gen consoles; the R9 270 can perform 2.7 Teraflops, while the PS4 can perform 1.74 TFlops. No official TFlop count could be found for the Xbox One. While TFlops are definitely not the be all and end all measure of graphics performance, they do provide a measure of the raw power of a chip. The Steam Machine prototype is $100 more expensive than the PS4, the same price as an Xbox One, and offers a sizeable bump in performance.

I'd recommend holding out to see what will happen; there's nothing to lose since both Microsoft and Sony have pledged to support the current generation consoles for a while, and aside from a graphics bump there isn't much you're missing out on in terms of games. At least, until Watch Dogs comes out.

Moving on to an actual complaint I had with my Next Generation console article which you can view here. I was accused of being biased toward the PS4 and presenting it as a superior console.
This is untrue. I treated both consoles equally in my comparison of the specifications. Being biased means that you twist the truth to favour one side over the other. I simply stated the facts as they were; based upon specifications alone, the PS4 is superior to the Xbox One. 

There is no bias in that statement. I would consider it being biased if I had said that the Xbox is equal to the PS4 in terms of raw performance. Granted, I'm saying the consoles are equal which may seem like it's fair and unbiased, but it's not. This statement actually is biased, as I'm attempting to twist the truth to present the Xbox one as equal to the PS4 in terms of performance.

It may seem a little excessive to mention and address something like this on the actual site, but it was something that nagged at me; and I'm sure if it hadn't been addressed the idea would have persisted and affected the site negatively.

So, in terms of upcoming content, I have a ton of ideas for articles floating around at this point, as well as one mega case study into android as a gaming platform, but that one will need a lot more research and e-mailing developers before it takes off. As for content that may arrive during the next week, I will be reviewing the Nexus 7 2013, for three reasons:

A. It's Christmas, and people will want to be buying things for their loved ones.

B. It got the 4.4 KitKat update.

C. Apple, Amazon, and even Tesco, have released competing products, so it may be important to check if the Nexus 7 is still relevant.

In addition, a "Good Gifts List" is an article I was considering writing. As for the Nexus 5 review, I've still yet to receive one due to shortages.

Well, that's all for now. Only other thing I should mention is that this blog is doing terrible in the Search rankings for Google. Any Ideas?

Thanks for reading,